Welcome to my blog! I hope that you will find items of interest here. Maybe some words of comfort or some words of challenge. Who knows what will come! But, let first things be first.
My name is Mark Dickinson. I am an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), a husband (1), a father (2), a grandfather (2+), a pastor, a musician (clarinet and guitar), and a budding writer (science fiction and mystery). I live in a very comfortable small southern town in South Carolina (USA) and have two brothers who live far north of me.
My father was an immigrant from Canada (that was a thing in 1946) and my mother was a native of Philadelphia (PA, USA), where they met. Besides the Palmetto State, I’ve lived in New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.
I hope I have the opportunity to virtually meet some of you as we go through these posts. But whether we do or not, all I ask is that you be courteous to others whom you may bump into around here. To quote a dubious House-of-Mouse production: “We’re all in this together.”

WordPress wants me to tell you why I started this blog. Well, One reason is to keep the practice of writing. I enjoy communicating in the written word and a blog seems like the best and most effective means to do that. I am also trying out some ideas and looking forward to what might get ‘traction’ in the “blog-iverse.” Something that I could use to turn into a larger work, either fiction or non-fiction.

About the name, “CrossPurposes.” A few years ago, I attempted to start a blog while still in Seminary – mistake! However, I still like the idea. That blog was supposed to focus on the intersection of music and God, a subject that still intrigues me. I will touch on that here from time to time but will open it up to the arts in general. There is much ground to till in that area.

The other reason for the name comes from my desire to write fiction and my calling to preach the Gospel. Those may be seen by some to be at “cross purposes.” I only need point you to Tolkien or Lewis to show you that that is not the case. Still, I liked the pun!

Right now, that is pretty much it. Other reasons may “come to the for” as I work through it. But, for the time being, that should suffice.

Happy Reading! -Mark

By the way: a gold star to anyone who can identify the selection of music for winds that “come to the for” is used in as a direction of dynamics and balance!


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