I’m sure that many of you have seen this already.

I love baseball. Of all the sports, baseball always makes me smile. One reason for this is moments like this one. I’m not enjoying the bad defense (although San Fransisco certainly did), I’m relishing the opportunity that came even though the ball was poorly hit. You see, it’s Easter.
For the preaching pastor, Easter is the season for home runs. Besides Christmas, there is no other time when people’s minds are on things spiritual (What else would you call an imaginary rabbit that delivers colored hardboiled eggs?).
Every time I read the resurrection accounts, I get nervous. How can anyone possibly preach on this without diminishing the beauty of God’s plan? I need to hit a home run. Or do I?
It seems that I might not, which gives me hope. There will be people in our pews on Sunday that need to hear of the resurrected Jesus and His power and God’s message of forgiveness and love. And they will. But that is not ‘on me’. The Holy Spirit will blow where it wills. I am only called to be faithful.
I will prepare, as I always do. But I also know that, even if I hit a twenty-five foot blooper, God can score three runs. I just need to step into the batter’s box and swing.
Happy Easter – The Lord has Risen!


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