So I was sitting and staring at my computer screen the other day, stymied at my own inability to move forward — something in the narrative wasn’t right. I spent a good portion of time asking questions about how one thing led to another or why a certain person acted the way they did. I was frustrated that the sequence of events seemed out of kilter. Then it dawned on me – I was in control of the narrative!
I’m sure that to you pros out there, that is a ‘duh’ moment. But for me, it was freeing. If I can’t make sense of the sequence of events, I can change it, it’s MY story, after all.
Apparently, one scene that I wrote early on is actually something that happens later. Now I get to connect the dots. I’m not sure if this writing out of order is a common process. I only know it’s happened to me and realizing it has been helpful.
All you planners out there will shake your pencils at me and tell me how and outline would have prevented this mishap. Maybe, though I’m not so sure. This is my first foray into writing so I expect that there will be some ‘discovery’ moments. Here’s to more of them!

What about you? Have you had a good “Ah-Ha” moment in your writing? Let’s chat!


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