In order to get into a weekly rhythm, I thought I would start a series. So here it goes: ‘What if…’ Wednesdays. This will be a space where I muse on some sort of ‘what if’ and you can muse right back.
Episode One: What if The Beatles had never broken up?

As you can tell, I am a pretty devoted fan of the Fab Four. Part of the legend that is The Beatles stems from the fact that they left ‘on top’. What if, like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles had never really quit being The Beatles? Can you imagine the musical output?
Certainly, a lot of work would have to have gone on to make that happen. But suppose it did? From 1970 to 2001 (assuming that Lennon had not been murdered), the band would have had thirty more years of writing and recording. But what intrigues me even more is that the technology would have caught-up with them and they could have added the complex studio cuts to their live shows.
Hearing them perform the Sgt. Pepper tracks live would have been awesome! Or what would have been the stage production that accompanied “Revolution No. 9” from the White Album? It staggers the imagination.
What about you? What song would you have loved to have heard live by The Beatles themselves? Is there another group that you wish were still together? I’d love to hear from you. -Mark


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